I've running my TeamSpeak Server inside a docker container, which makes a lot of things easier: reading logs, restarting the server, etc...

Also updates are much easier, because they can be automated. Which was exactly what I did. I regretted it two times in one week.

The problem with automated updates is especially in TeamSpeak a problem it seems like.

Background info

A TeamSpeak Server is built the following way: You have your hardware server and on that are running virtual TeamSpeak servers. Depending on your license you are allowed to host multiple virtual Servers. If not only one virtual Server will be allowed and be online.

The Problem

After pulling the latest docker image it creates a new virtual TeamSpeak Server and because the license is restricted to only 1 virtual server per machine it shuts the "original" virtual server down. Which results in a blank TeamSpeak server and complaining users.


A farily simple solution I came up with is to disable automated updates for this container and I also introduced a weekly patchday. At that patchday I will run several scripts at 1am in the morning so no one gets annoyed.
After 1 week I can say that now everything runs smoothly.